Robot_with_database.pngCMDB's can take years to build, and only seconds to break. It's been estimated that up to 85% of organizations attempting to build a CMDB fail, and one of the most egregious reasons is an overly manual approach.  For example, what happens when assets are added/removed/updated in your network monitoring system, but those changes become too tedious to propagate manually to your ITSM platform?

This webinar shows how IT Process Automation can ensure your CMDB is up-to-date, no matter how many sources it needs to synchronize with.  We'll provide a live demonstration of how changes in the Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager are automatically synched with the CMDB in ServiceNow Helsinki. 

It's a highly practical webinar you won't want to miss!




Guy Nadivi 

 Director, Business Development – North America




  Tom Melnik

  Sales Engineer

Watch the recording

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