What cybersecurity threats keep your SOC analysts up at night? 

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With the steady rise in cybersecurity threats and ransomware incidents, it’s clear that no one is immune to malware attacks. This trend is also evident in significant and widespread malware infections and website defacements, plaguing enterprises with very public incidents recently. The increasing volume of alerts hinders SOC teams that are already struggling with limited resources. The question becomes: What can you do about it?

To curb the rising tide and stop incidents in real time, it takes a solid combination of both detection and remediation for both known and unknown threats. 

In this highly-anticipated webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Why and how today’s high-profile threats have evolved and expanded
  • Key methods to identify and verify attacks in your environment and across disparate systems, including scanning anti-malware engines, automating routine tasks, and rapidly containing, remediating, and recovering from attacks
  • How combining technology from OPSWAT and Ayehu can bridge the gap between detecting and resolving threats


  • Guy Nadivi, Sr. Director of Customer Success, Ayehu
  • Sharon Cohen, IT & Security Professional Services Manager, Ayehu
  • George Prichici, Product Manager, OPSWAT
  • Taeil Goh, CTO, OPSWAT

Watch the recording

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