Cyptolocked.pngRansomware makers have progressed from infecting individual users on a one-off basis to targeting whole organizations. Using advanced attack techniques like reconnaissance and credential abuse, they can infect many machines at once, bringing business operations to a screeching halt.

To stop individual and network-wide attacks, organizations need a multi-layered defense that includes both detection and eradication. Join security experts from LightCyber and Ayehu as they discuss how to defeat ransomware. They will present a live demo of a ransomware attack and show how to quickly contain it with LightCyber + Ayehu.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why targeted ransomware is more devastating and difficult to stop than traditional ransomware.
  • Methods to disrupt ransomware attacks and ward off extortionists.
  • How LightCyber + Ayehu work together to detect and mitigate ransomware threats.


  • Kasey Cross, Sr. Product Manager, LightCyber
  • Peter Nguyen, Director, Technical Marketing, LightCyber
  • Guy Nadivi, Director, Business Development – North America, Ayehu
  • Peter Lee, Director, Professional Services, Ayehu

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