Given the increased demand from enterprises for operational bots that can be deployed for IT services, Ayehu is launching a series of webinars focused on helping enterprises to leverage operational bots for their own environments.


Our webinar featured a fresh demonstration of the power of SlackBot automation.  Following up on the well-received SlackBot automation we demo’d during last October's webinar, Ayehu will be taking you on a deeper dive of some cool new processes you can automate & push out to your end users.  As before, using our integration between Slack and ServiceNow, you’ll see an impressive automation of self-service ticket creation & incident resolution.  This webinar will also highlight how leading edge technologies can be orchestrated together to radically bring down your organization's cost per ticket resolution.


  • Guy Nadivi, Sr. Director of Customer Success, Ayehu Inc.
  • Tom Melnik, Sr. Sales Engineer

Watch the recording

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