Untitled-1-1IBM's Watson is a question-answering computer system with natural language capabilities, and has become something of a poster child (poster cyborg?) for mainstream Artificial Intelligence.  In 2011, Watson demonstrated its AI prowess during a highly publicized Jeopardy! match against champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, beating both to take home the first place prize of $1 million.

 Watson's AI can be leveraged for much more though than just ascertaining the latest in potent potables.  As just one example, Watson can be tapped into as the natural language engine powering chatbots to provide enterprise self-service, greatly reducing the burden on your help desk.

Please watch this on-demand webinar, as we share an overview of this integrated solution using IBM Watson, Slack Team Messaging, and of course the Ayehu NG automation platform.  


  • Guy Nadivi, Sr. Director of Customer Success
  • Peter Lee, VP Professional Service/Support

Watch the recording

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