Ayehu NG 1.9 focuses on making automation easier, faster, and more intuitive for end users.  The most significant updates include:

  • A turbocharged IT automation self-service platform that introduces a new way for end users to view & find exactly the right form to run their automated workflow of choice. 
  • Workflows can now also accept variables input during run-time, to get accurate real-time results when executing a workflow directly from NG. 
  • Version 1.9 is rounded out with additional new functionality that further extends Ayehu's industry-leading IT automation platform's capabilities.

Please watch this on demand  webinar as we reveal Ayehu NG v1.9 new features to the global audience for the first time.




Guy Nadivi 
Sr. Director, Marketing, Ayehu


Mor Avital
Director of Product, Ayehu