Artboard 3-3It's not easy being an IT pro today. Complex systems and applications, alert notification floods, and growing user demands are all seemingly conspiring to consume ever more of your time. There's no easy way to stop the growing appetite for computing resources, but there is an easy solution for fulfilling resource requests faster and more efficiently. IT Process Automation can offload much of the tedious, laborious, manual work you're currently doing (and secretly hating), while also restoring sanity to your schedule.


Please watch this on-demand webinar, as we demonstrate how automation can take an alert from your monitoring system, trigger a workflow to triage and troubleshoot your incident, then create, update, and close a ticket in your ITSM platform, remediating and documenting the entire event without the need for any human intervention.


  • Guy Nadivi, Sr. Director of Customer Success
  • Tom Melnik, Sr. Sales Engineer


Watch the recording

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