History credits the Duchess of Windsor with saying "You can never be too rich or too thin". If her Royal Highness were still with us today and working in IT Operations, she might've added "or have enough server disk space".

Automation tools like Ayehu can't help a Duchess with her net worth or diet, but when it comes to the royal pain in the neck of remediating low disk space on a server, we have a great solution available.

Please watch this Webinar as Ayehu demonstrates how to automate remediation of Splunk alerts for low server disk space, use Slack to interface with an Admin for approval of file deletions, then document the entire process in a ServiceNow ticket.

If streamlining operations with automation is a priority in your IT kingdom, then this is one webinar you won't want to miss.




Guy Nadivi 
Sr. Director, Marketing, Ayehu


Michael Balzer
Solutions Engineer, Ayehu