You’re overwhelmed with manual, repetitive tasks and inundated with alerts from the multiple ITSM, monitoring tools, and cybersecurity incident response systems. You want to break the cycle by automating monotonous tasks and remediation of non-critical incidents, but is process automation worth it and how do you calculate the ROI? This short guide will help you answer that question with simple steps and real-world calculations you can use immediately. 

In this short guide, you’ll gain access to: 

  • A strategic framework to identify and plan your ROI measurement criteria 
  • 4 key formulas to calculate savings realized through automation 
  • How to measure the special use case of soft ROI – the most overlooked, yet vital statistic

We have automated recovery of several production systems and we are quite pleased with the results so far. The automation tool alerts give us ability to identify potential issues before they become problems. We stopped putting out fires; instead we proactively schedule maintenance of the production systems. As a result, we’ve significantly improved stability of the production systems and greatly reduced the number of production incidents.  Eugene Vatnik. CIO, Rockingham Group

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