Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, 11am PT / 2pm ET

The most reliable I&O automation today relies on deterministic workflows with pre-defined outcomes to remediate well-understood processes.  But what about exceptions to those processes, which are left unautomated due to diminishing marginal returns?  Eventually AI will provide a machine learning-based solution to handle them, but how best to handle those exceptions in the meantime?
Please join us on Wednesday January 20th as we explore the concept of Dynamic Workflows with Cognizant's Amar Alwani, recent finalist in Ayehu's 1st Annual Intelligent Automation Hackathon.  Amar will provide an overview of his innovative solution that leverages a dynamic framework and a simple Excel spreadsheet to create workflows at runtime.   

Enabling dynamic exception handling to augment conventional deterministic workflows isn’t just elegant automation craftsmanship, it’s a glimpse of advanced workflow orchestration you won't want to miss!




Guy Nadivi 
Sr. Director, Marketing, Ayehu


Amar Alwani
Automation Architect, Cognizant